teradata error 3523


teradata error 3523

Hi All,

I am getting the following error "An owner referenced by user does not have STATISTICS access to dbname.table"

the same bteq was executed last month and it was successfull at that time. What might be the cause for this..........?

thanks in advance.......!

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Re: teradata error 3523

Hi, do you have any views in this bteq ? Did the view defintion got changed by any chance in one month ? Because, views might be pointing to different database tables now and the user doesn't have proper rights to it. 

Re: teradata error 3523

Hi ks,

        The error was occured during a procedure "call", let me explain you the same :

i have a procedure collect_stats for collecting stats,

call PROC.COLLECT_STATS('dbname', 'table', 100);

after this statement i am getting the error like this " *** Failure 3523 COLLECT_STATS:An

owner referenced by user does not have STATISTICS access to dbname.table. "

what are the possible reasons for the above failure.........

thanks in advance..............!

Re: teradata error 3523

The only reason I think of is, the user id which is calling this SP doesn't have proper rights to the database name you pass in your SP. Please ask your DBA team to provide that.