what are macros in teradata


what are macros in teradata

What are macros in teradata and how relevat are they to the functions in oracle. I dont see any relevance here but would like to get a clear understnading of my question.

Thanking in advance

Re: what are macros in teradata

To give a brief intro ..

macros are a bunch of SQLs bundled together , provides transactional integrity (all the sqls in the bundled is considered as part of a single transaction), convenience (you can parameterize frequent sqls, no need of typing again and again), security (access given only to macros which has logic to do only specific operations on the target objects), performance (you have already compiled in all the code in the database, reduces the client-server interaction, suits real time / tactical requirements) .. etc

You will find more on the pros and cons in the data definition , database design manuals