wrongs stats on a column.. why?


wrongs stats on a column.. why?


thank you in advance for your time.

After migration to 13.10 , we face one issue about stats.

There is a column which is char(16) and it contains values of :




and so on.....

The problem is the following,

We took stats on this column , but when we check the histograms , it was keeping only the first 8 bits , meaning, 00000000,and not

the whole value,this had a bad influence on how to do some joins and so on?

Has anyone faced a similar problem?Proposions?

Thank you very much.

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Re: wrongs stats on a column.. why?

Check the column definition, seems to be UNICODE:

Only the first 16 bytes of any stats (pre-TD14) will be stored and 8 chars UTF-16 need exactly 16 byte.

Btw, if it's a numeric string, why it's not a numeric datatype?

And if it's non-numeric, why it's always 8 leading zeroes?



Re: wrongs stats on a column.. why?

Xmm.... thanks for your answer....

It must be unicode,I will have to check it tomorrow.

For the other 2 questions, I have just joined on this project...so, I have to be ready to face and other cases like this.

Thank you very much for your quick answer.