BLC Utility


BLC Utility

After downloading the utility, none of the scripts can be opened.  Any clues?



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Follow up question.  Is there a way to identify all of the tables that are using BLC?


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very good.  Thanks.

Next question.

I have compressed datablocks for only 1 table, the showblocks command reports the table id as character 21 32762.  If I use the TABLID command it is similarly reported as

 21 32762 0  (0x0015 0x7FFA 0x0000)

However, for the table the dbc.tvm.tvmid is 1500FA7F0000.  This converts as 21 64127 0

How do I identify the tables using the tableid reported by Ferret?

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got it :


select d.databasename, t.tvmname

from dbc.tvm t,

dbc.dbase d

where HASHBUCKET(SUBSTRING(t.tvmid FROM 2 FOR 1) || SUBSTRING(t.tvmid FROM 1 FOR 1) (BYTE(4))) / ((HASHBUCKET()+1)/65536) = 21

and HASHBUCKET(SUBSTRING(t.tvmid FROM 4 FOR 1) || SUBSTRING(t.tvmid FROM 3 FOR 1) (BYTE(4))) / ((HASHBUCKET()+1)/65536) = 32762

and d.databaseid = t.databaseid