EMail format for notifications - improvement request

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Teradata Employee

EMail format for notifications - improvement request

The EMail notifications for posts are chatty. They have a salutation line (I know who I am thanks and I am not having a conversation here), a line telling who posted, a dividing line and the title repeated as a hyperlink. Then finally you get to the content of the post.


I do a lot of email on my phone including a lot of triaging of messages. All of this header material means that I can't see any of the content in the email summary on my phone and have to open the post to see any of it - often don't even get a lot of the content until I also scroll.


I think the individual post emails would be much better if:

- eliminate the saluatation

- eliminate the divider line

- move the information about the posting user and posting time to the end

- move the hyperlink to the end of the message


Then the content would be first and could be gotten to quickly plus the first line or two of the content ccould be seen in the email summary on the phone.

Community Manager

Re: EMail format for notifications - improvement request

Thank you again Todd.  We really do appreciate the feedback and recommendations for improvement,   The message us generated from the "General subscription notification" email template.  We should be able to adjust this message; I'll discuss with the team during our next review call.