Accepting variables from .profile in bteq and fexp


Accepting variables from .profile in bteq and fexp

I have a requirement where the following variable is defined in .profile and I want to make use of it in BTEQ and fast export scripts

Reason is we are using the same box for dev and production so if we use variable it will point to dev path in dev and produciton path in prod.

.profile - dev

IF109_path = /u03/dev/

.profile - prod

IF109_path = /u03/prod/

In shell script we can access the above variable by ${IF109_PATH}/

I tried the below in fxp script

.accept IF109_PATH from env var IF109_PATH ;

and access the variable by &109_PATH but it didnt work.

Could some one tell me how to access variables in fexp and bteq.Is there any other way to achieve this