Do Forum posts get deleted ?


Do Forum posts get deleted ?


I was looking for a comment that I made in the past, so I went to my profile and clicked on the link to a "Recent Activity".  it took me to the correct forum topic (which was my original intent), but then I noticed my actual comment wasn't in the thread.     

Any reason why it was not there ?    Do the forums have a moderator that removes content.  I could understand this for certain objectionable material, but my post was not controversial (I hope not).

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Re: Do Forum posts get deleted ?

Which topic? 

Posts are only deleted when spamming (and then those users are blocked).

Btw, in 99%+ the spammers don't get past the first step, "approving" their first comment/post :-)

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Re: Do Forum posts get deleted ?

yottadata, please remember that Developer Exchange segregates Comment activity from Forum activity. Perhaps your post was in the other category than where you searched?

For reference, here are direct links to all your posts...

Your forum activity:

Your comment activity:

Re: Do Forum posts get deleted ?

Thanks Tom,

OK, I posted a comment to and I can see it in the comment activity link, but when I follow the link to the article, my comments do not show in the thread.

I have gone straight to the article/topic to follow the thread, but I though I was loosing my mind when I did not see my comments.  

It would be good to see all comments in the thread of a topic.


Re: Do Forum posts get deleted ?

There are four comment pages and your comment is on the 2nd page :-)

Seems like the forum software only jumps to a comment when it's on the 1st page, otherwise it's simply showing the top of the page. 

I noticed that before but I thought this was due to the spam posts (if you got admin rights you see all unpublished spam. There's one blog entry with 719 pages * 50 posts = almost 36,000 posts, only 7 are no spam)

Re: Do Forum posts get deleted ?

So it is !  I didn't notice the page navigation at the bottom until now.    Mystery solved, and sorry for the trouble.

Thank you Dieter

Re: Do Forum posts get deleted ?

Can't a user who has posted the query earlier delete his own post?