Docker Teradata Client


Docker Teradata Client


I have a couple of Teradata Linux client containers which I was thinking of pushing to the docker hub. Obviously these are built using RPMs downloaded from Teradata after logging in. This is for some groundwork for some work I will do for my main job where we have a major Teradata installation but this bit could be useful for others.

The whole beauty of Docker is that you can just pull the image and start using it.

Incidentally it would be nice to have bteq on there too but that is closed for linux but TDExpress VMWare has a copy on it, which is freely available

So really I'm looking for permission to push this to Docker, or maybe someone to hand the work over to

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Re: Docker Teradata Client

In answer to my own question, I built several docker containers which require the user to build another container after downloading the RPMs, this way you will still need to get a copy of the tools to add them in.

You can find them on Docker Hub.

I put together a basic one, one with perl, a Jenkins slave and a TeamCity build agent

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Re: Docker Teradata Client

Thanks. That should come in handy for running ODBC client on Linux flavors other than officially supported RHEL and SUSE. Another useful addition would be containerized Teradata REST API Services.

Re: Docker Teradata Client

Thats a good idea, I'll investigate