Integrating Teradata Roles and Active Directory


Integrating Teradata Roles and Active Directory


We received a request from customer, whether we can integrate the Active Directory permissions with Teradata Roles. What they are looking for is -

  • A user requests access to an application using Microsoft ForeFront Security, which is integrated with AD
  • The user chooses a role in the system
  • A similar role will be available in Teradata
  • When approver approves the request, the user should automatically get access to similar role in Teradata

To my knowledge, this is not possible, however just wondering if someone has come across such a request.



Teradata Employee

Re: Integrating Teradata Roles and Active Directory

It is possible to map Teradata roles to Active Directory groups. In this situation, when the user logs in to Teradata, it will check group memberships in Active Directory for that user, and assign the mapped Teradata roles to the user (and their associated access rights of course).

This setup is somewhat complicated, but is described in a fair amount of detail in the Teradata Security Administration manual (make sure you get the version of the manual that matches the version of the Teradata Database, as the setup has changed over time).