Issues with VMPlayer version of Teradata 13

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Issues with VMPlayer version of Teradata 13

Hi Guys

I recently downloaded teradata express for VMWare player.This does not have sample database with it.I am new to teradata and wanted some sample data .So i realised i need to download Teradata Express for Windows.But that link again points to Teradata express for VMware player.So my question is i am not able to find the link for a download which has sample data .OR has teradata removed the link for teradata express for windows from it site in order to promote teradata for VMware player. 

If anyone could also share path for sample data which comes with teradata express for windows it will be great so i can put it in my vmplayer edition.

Teradata Express for Windows® - Teradata Software for Evaluation and Development provides an unlimited opportunity to work with Teradata database management software on Windows 32-bit workstations and laptops for development, testing and learning. Includes Teradata Database 12 orTeradata Database 13 pre-loaded with sample data, all Windows based client access programs, and Teradata Warehouse Miner. 


Re: Issues with VMPlayer version of Teradata 13


You can download the Teradata Express for windows from the following URL: