Managing Datastage Applications for execution


Managing Datastage Applications for execution

Good afternoon

I need your help please:

Let me describe briefly the scenario to understand better my concern:

In a Datastage application there are 1 sequential jobs and about 5 parallel jobs named p1, p2.. to p5.

The dataflow for execution is this: sqn1 - p1 -p2 -p3 -p4- p5 ends

If parallel job named p4 failed but the parallel jobs 1, 2 and 3 succeed

Lets suppose that i found  out the cause of the failure of job 4, the question is: In order to avoid to start over again the whole process because takes much time, the job p4 can be run adn skip the 3 succeed jobs and continue the execution according to dataflow ?

If so, parallel jobs (4 and 5) have to be run  from the sequential job or each parallel has to be run itself indepently

Ill appreciate your help