Node and Bynet open architecture

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Node and Bynet open architecture

I have been searching for the answer to this question and I haven't been able to find a 'solid' answer.  I'm in the process of studying for the TE0-121.  The question: "Which component is part of Teradata's open architecture?" appears several times in my exam dump with several options to choose from but in each question Node & Bynet are part of the options.  What I have concluded is that the Node is part of the open architecture.  But what I have also read is that the Bynet is a hardware componet as well as software.  

The hardware componet is a physical message-passing layer that uses cabling to provide interconnections across multiple nodes.

The software componet handles the internal communications between the PE's and the AMP's.

So, is is safe to say that "Teradata's open architecture" consists of both the Node and the Bynet.  If I chose Node for one question and Bynet for the 2nd, would this be correct?


Re: Node and Bynet open architecture

Hi I have no idea on these dumps things,

But as far as teradata is concerned, It is considered an OPEN system because, It is complaint to ANSI standard and runs on both Windows and Linux.