Number of bytes-BIGINT


Number of bytes-BIGINT


  I have doubt in allocation of bytes ,

For example there is one BIGINT column having 2 values 1,10000.My doubt is for both the values terdata assign 8 bytes(as BIGINT occupies 8 bytes) or it will assign based on number of digits in the value.



Re: Number of bytes-BIGINT

There is no doubt - 8 bytes

from the manuals - SQL Data Types and Literals

"BIGINT values are stored as eight bytes with the least significant byte first."

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Re: Number of bytes-BIGINT

The NUMBER data type is the only variable-length numeric data type.

All the other numeric types are fixed size: BYTEINT, SMALLINT, INTEGER, BIGINT, DECIMAL, and FLOAT.

Re: Number of bytes-BIGINT

Thanks for the clarification.