Referential Integrity in TPUMP

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Referential Integrity in TPUMP

To all the experts on this site,

I have recently started reading about the TPUMP utility and want to know How is Referential integrity handled in TPUMP?


Re: Referential Integrity in TPUMP

Referential integrity is allowed and good  in tpump, even triggers.

Additional info from the document about tpump.

In contrast to MultiLoad, Teradata TPump uses conventional row hash locking, which allows 

for some amount of concurrent read and write access to its target tables. At any point,

Teradata TPump can be stopped while retaining full accessibility to the target tables. Note

however, that if Teradata TPump is stopped, depending on the nature of the update process,

the relational integrity of the data might be impaired.

Note: Other DB(s) that I know , index may become unusable and needs to be fixed.

Optionally, Teradata TPump supports data serialization for a given row, which guarantees

that if a row insert is immediately followed by a row update, the insert is processed first.

This is done by hashing records to a given session.