Teradata Database software


Teradata Database software


I need to install Teradata DB in my machine.When I search,there is VMware provided by TD.Is there any chance of getting database exe file as we get in oracle to install.Appreciate your repsonse.


Re: Teradata Database software

Hi Bikky,

Previously 32 bit Teradata Express version was available to install on any machine. But with TD 14 release, the express edition is being provided only installed in VM Ware or Amazon EC2. 

On TD forums this question has been asked by several associates, but it has been removed from all the links!


Re: Teradata Database software

Just to share my thought: I work on few tools and databases using just the link(website using username/password and domain) and it is quite handy since no download to laptop.  Those sites  serve as testing boxes. 

Khurram, maybe if you can enquire if any such link is there?