Teradata Express for Windows


Teradata Express for Windows


When on the Teradata website, clicking on 'Downloads' -> 'Teradata Express', a 'Teradata Express for Windows' is mentioned. When clicking on the link, one is redirected to the page with VM downloads with Teradata Express on Linux. So my question is, where are the downloads for running Teradata directly on Windows ? (so without VMWare and without Linux).

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Teradata 14 has discontinued an executable version on Windows or Linuex, the only option available is to use VM Ware. So in order to learn Teradata, you need to use VmWare version. Before that, TD 13 32 bit Express edition was available to install on Windows. I dont think you will be able to find that previous version.


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If you have older link to download Teradata 13 Express, try that .... it may still work.

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you can try through above link to download windows 32 bit supported Teradata 13. (Need to register for 1st time)

Best OS would be XP SP 3.


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Pls let me know the software name that i can use to install a teradata db software and the needed linux or windows version for personal computer practices