Teradata Support Ratios

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Teradata Support Ratios

I'm looking for any benchmarking on how many Teradata databases can be supported by one DBA? There's a lot of information out there for OLTP databases but nothing for BI. Does has any benchmarking they could share?

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Re: Teradata Support Ratios

This is a slightly odd question, if you don't mind me saying.

It would totally depend on the size and complexity of the database and is applications, or what you expect a DBA to do. I have seen 200Tb of Teradata supported by 2 DBA, and some trainees. And I have spoken to a DBA of a much larger System where its an almost lights out operation... Contrary to what Teradata would claim, I see no real reason why Teradata would require fewer DBAs than the equivelent DB2 or oracle offering.

I would imagine the answer to your question is keep adding DBAs to your company until they start running out of work to do!

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Re: Teradata Support Ratios

The number of DBA correlates more with the number of apps/load jobs and number of users than the size of the system.. my experience.

This thread attracted my attention... I noticed recently that DBA seem to be spending more time maitaining stuff for ETL related jobs than they used to. I attribute it to the complexity of the ETL tools and also to the increasing complexity of the load jobs; more staging, more "ELT", more clean up to do etc..

my $0.02...