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Teradata Training

Hey Guys, I have a question to you about some Teradata trainings. I'v been working in Teradata for a month, my company let me to go for some Teradata Training in Europe so guys do you know any in near future ?. I am looking for something a little more advanced which will include some Architecture part + Advanced SQL.

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Public training courses and schedules are available on the TD web site.


This is the 'international' (i.e. non-US) course catalog: http://assets.teradata.com/pdf/TEN/Course_Catalogs/catalogue_international.pdf

This is the schedule for UK traiing courses: http://assets.teradata.com/pdf/TEN/Schedule/schedule_uk.pdf


There is an 'Advanced SQL' course. There is some architecture in the 'Introduction to Teradata' course.




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