Teradata system health check script


Teradata system health check script

Hi there,

I have heard that there is some script in on OS under teradata which check if Teradata and other components are alive or not. The same script (or similar) generates T@YS issues if system or database dies or make a DB restart.

The same script contains some log...

Have you heard about similar script or function in Teradata?

I'm lookin for script or option to check if Database or System is up (rly up) or dead. And if dead... than why? What died?

Tried to play with View Point but script that I heard of is over VP and it is more technically than administration feature.

Any sugestions?

Regards All!

Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata system health check script

Yes, there is a script named chk_all which is shipped with the teradata-gsctools rpm.


From the OS prompt, type "man chk_all" to get a high level description.


This test is setup to run as a weekly cronjob under /etc/cron.d/teradata-gsctools, by an entry named mon_weekly.


You can find the last HTML report (chk_all.html) or the last 10 Text reports under /var/opt/teradata/gsctools/chk_all on the first Node in your system.


Let us know if there are more questions on this issue.