Untranslatable character in Clob


Untranslatable character in Clob

I am trying to update a Clob with the following JSON string. I get untranslatable character error in java. If you see the number is converted into european format (4 052,00) but they are strings. Not sure whether this is causing the problem.

{"wip_fillrate":"289.76","logdate":"2014-04-15","wip_implicit":"4 052,00","booked_explicit":"0,00","wip_available":"-201 555,00","wfa_implicit":"0,00","forecast":"698,00","wip_explicit":"0,00","wfa_fillrate":"289.76","wfa_available":"-201 555,00","booked_implicit":"198 201,00","wfa_explicit":"0,00"}

I tried changing the column character set to UNICODE but no help. Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Untranslatable character in Clob

If you can insert the string into a varchar latin or unicode column, then it is not a repertoire issue.

The JSON standard falls short when it comes to I18N. There is no support for localized formating (e.g., ',' as radix) and parsing of numeric, monetary, date, and time(stamps), etc. You'll need to format each individual substring value using the en-US locale (default SDF values to tdlocaledef), and concat them together before the update.