dbc.indices ; dbc.indexconstraints ;


dbc.indices ; dbc.indexconstraints ;

trying to get the partition table names .Queried dbc.indices WHERE indextype ='Q' with databasename = 'XXXX' .

Queried  dbc.indexconstraints where databasename = 'XXXX' (constraintstype ='Q') for constrain text . where 'XXXX' refer to the same database .

The table name count between two query  is not matching . any idea why ?


Re: dbc.indices ; dbc.indexconstraints ;

Hi Srini,

there are two possible reasons:

  1. You got multiple rows per table due to multi-column indexes, add "and columnposition = 1" to return only one row per table
  2. There are Columnar Tables? They are not in indices unless the are also horizontally partitioned

Btw, you should use IndicesV instead of Indices, which is deprecated and might not work correctly in TD14.10.

Additionally dbc.PartitioningConstraintsV returns more details than dbc.IndexConstraintsV.

Re: dbc.indices ; dbc.indexconstraints ;

Thanks !