Big Data Applications in various domains


Big Data Applications in various domains

First, let's start with Big Data.

Big Data is classified in terms of:

  • Volume – Today data size has increased to size of terabytes in the form of records or transactions
  • Variety – There is huge variety of data based on internal, external, behavioral, or/and social type. Data can be of structured, semi structured or unstructured type.
  • Velocity – It means near or real-time assimilation of data coming in huge volume.

Big data Applications in real time


Big Data can help in transforming major business processes by proper and correct analysis of available data. Such business processes include:

  • Procurement with Big data: Demand can be forecasted properly as per different conditions available with Big Data.
  • Big data in Product development: What product to be developed to increase sales
  • Big data in manufacturing sector: Big data can be used to identify machinery and process variations that may be indicators of quality problems.
  • Big data for product distribution: Based on data available, its analysis could be done to ensure proper distribution in proper market.
  • Big data in Marketing field: Big data helps in knowing better marketing strategy that could increase ale.
  • Price Management using Big data: To maintain position in market, price management plays a key role and Big data helps business in knowing market trend for it.
  • Merchandising: Big Data plays a major role in sales for retail market also.
  • Big data in Sales: It helps in increasing sale for the business. It also helps in optimizing assignment of sales resources and accounts, product mix and other operations.
  • Store Operations using Big Data: Different tools can be used to monitor store operations which reduce manual work. Big data helps in adjusting inventory levels on the basis of predicted buying patterns, study of demographics, weather, key events, and other factors.

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