select from foreign table, hive


select from foreign table, hive

I try to use a sql statement like:

select * from foreign table ([hive sql])@... myt1;


This works if I use a rather small hive table. I can then return that small hive table or do something like a row-count.

But if I use a huge hive table, I wait 10 minutes and then cancel.

I tried to add 'limit 100' at the end of the hive querie, but this doesn't help at all <- and this is what I don't understand, limiting to 100 rows should make this realy fast!!

Is there a way to figure out what is going wrong here or something else I could try?


When I cancel this query I get a result 3110:  Query aborted during database processing. - what does this mean? that the hive querie was still running or that Teradata was processing the hive resultset?


Thank you,