Trouble importing TSET from production into TD13.00 Express

Teradata Express Software
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Trouble importing TSET from production into TD13.00 Express

Has anyone run into the following issue trying to import a TSET from a production TD13.00 system into the TD 13.00 Exporess.

This error occurs when trying to import the statistics.

ERROR - Syntax error: Invalid Version number.[3706]

It appears to be related to the statistics version in production which is version 4 and the TD13.00 Express doesn't seem to like that version. 

The production system is at while the TD Express is at  I am wanting to do some validation that the explain plans between the two are the same or similar so that I can show management that this is a valid way to verify verify existing applications shouldn't see any major changes in performance when we upgrade.  I was pulled a few different workloads off and planned on comparing the explains in TD Express using TSET with the explains in production to see how close they appeared, and then compare them to TD 13.10 Express to see if there were any major changes.  The issue of the stats not importing has more or less stopped part of the process.  Has anyone has encountered this and figured a way around it?


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Re: Trouble importing TSET from production into TD13.00 Express

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