Introducing the Guided Analytics Interface for Text Analytics

Teradata Guided Analytics
Teradata Employee

I just published a post on our new Guided Analytics Interface for Text Analytics over in the Aster Guided Analytics subspace. The Text Analytics GAI is not currently part of an Aster Analytic Solution, but I thought some of the audience here may find it useful.

Like our other guided analytics interfaces for Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Customer Journey, the Text Analytics GAI is targeted to business users. The interface helps business users leverage a variety of advanced analytic techniques without writing any code so they can read between the lines of what their customers say to – and about – them. The interface lets business people explore sentiments and trends from social media applications and websites such as Twitter and Facebook along with text from web chats, call center logs and support emails with just a few clicks

The animated GIF below gives you an idea what the Text Analytics GAI looks like.

Text Analytics GAI Animated GIF

Feel free to head on over to this post to read more.