SQL History view is hidden

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SQL History view is hidden


I'm not sure which option I chose or which button I clicked but my SQL history view (window?) is now hidden.

If I run an SQL request which fails then the SQL history window is displayed and I can see the error. But as soon as I clik on any other area of Studio then it disappears again.

I can choose "Window / Show View / Teradata SQL History" from the menu bar and display it, but again when I click somewhere else it disappears.

It is presumably lurking behind everything else.

How do I get it to display permanently?

I have searched through the preferences but couldn't see anything that looke dlike it would help me.



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Re: SQL History view is hidden

Dave, It's possible that the Teradata SQL History View got moved, which may be what a user wants to do. It is supposed to be part of the Query Development Perspective. If you go to this perspective (selected at top of screen) and choose Window>Reset Perspective, it should reset back to its original display.

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Re: SQL History view is hidden

Yep, that works. Thanks.