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Fast load Error

I have one column in the table defined as AAA1 decimal(9,2)

sample data:


While doing fastload its throwing an error limit exceeded because its more than 9 numbers. My aim is to define the fastload file to remove the bad data from the table and to load remaining datas without causing any abend.

Is it possible??

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Re: Fast load Error

Which format is used to load the data? VARTEXT or DATA?

In both cases DEFINE the input columns with matching datatypes (DEC(11,2) or VARCHAR(12)) and FastLoad should put those rows into the ET error table.

But if you want FastLoad to ignore that error and still load the row with a NULL instead you must switch to MultiLoad using NULLIF or load to a staging table and then use a CASE.


Teradata Employee

Re: Fast load Error

Isn't the abend occurring because of the Error Limit being set to some value?

The ErrorLimit command should be removed so that the job does not terminate during the acquisition phase after 'n' rows end up in the error table.

-- SteveF