How to load/store data in AVRO format

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How to load/store data in AVRO format

I am looking for a sample script to load data into a column with AVRO storage format.  Can someone also explain as to how these data is stored inside Teradata Database? Appreciate your help. I tried loading but keep on getting an error :

$INSERTER: TPT10507: CLI Error 307: CLI2: REQEXHAUST(307): Request data exhausted.

Same data I am able to insert into the table using SQLAsst.

Tried another approach, and i get 

$INSERTER: TPT10508: RDBMS error 7548: Null terminated schema was not found in input value.

$INSERTER: TPT14117: An error occurred while inserting row <1> into the database by Instance <1>

Any idea ?

Would apprecite if you  a sample code can be shared with sample data.



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Re: How to load/store data in AVRO format

See the Teradata DATASET Data Type manual, which can be found at