Issues happening after TTU13.10 upgrade

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Issues happening after TTU13.10 upgrade

Recently we installed TTU13.10 upgrade as many users were facing temporary connectivity issues for ABI and unix servers.

Post upgrade we are getting to hear all new things from users.

  1. For jobs running from several months, users faced problems regarding comments. Users when put coments within /* */, their jobs are running successfully, however after removing comments, they are facing errors if there are multiple SQLs to be executed.comments can be of length from one word to number of lines. For running jobs successfully, it is important to have comments. However, this is not true for all. We have jobs running from months, and if we remove their comments, then issue occurs.
  2. while we faced such issues for comments, other team faced issues for quotes. For column alias, they had double quotes like "SEL COL1 as "MYCOL1"" which is not running now. however when double quotes replaced with single quotes, there has been no issues.

Both these issues are happening for ABI Graphs, and post TTU upgrade. Can there be a relation with TTU or its just co-incidence? Can there be problems for ABI compatibility with TTU? We are clueless about such things.

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