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Number of Sessions

We have a facility to teach Multiload,Fastload and BTEQ to use multiple sessions. I wouldlike to understand how this setting works. I.e., If I specify, Set Sessions 5 in BTEQ script how does it work? for example, If I have 5 select statements, 5 insert statements in sequential order in BTEQ script how does Teradata manage the sessions and runs the script.

Is there any documentation that explains how teradata sessions work?
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Re: Number of Sessions

It would be best if you posted this to the Teradata Developer Exchange as this forum will be discontinued.

Please let me know what you mean by "teach" the utilities to use multiple sessions.
FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport, et. al. use multiple sessions to get some parallelism out of sending data to Teradata.
The sessions are controlled internally by the utilities.
You indicate how many sessions you would like the tools to use.

Post to ethe Developer Exchange and we can continue this discussion if you would like.
-- SteveF

Re: Number of Sessions

I have the same question, I have one archive with this:

.set sessions 4

.logon tdpid/usr,pwd

call sp1();
call sp2();
call sp3();
call sp4();


But they aren´t run in parallel. How can I do execute some stored procedures in parellel using BTEQ?