Silent installation TTU 14.10

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Silent installation TTU 14.10

Help! All of the documentation mentions TTUSuiteSilent.exe, silent_install.bat and silent_uninstall.bat but those are not included in the download ZIP. Are these files available for download anywhere?

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Re: Silent installation TTU 14.10

The Express version (evaluation) that’s on DevX does not support silent installs. The official 14.10 release will have that support. You can run setup.exe to install the products.


Re: Silent installation TTU 14.10

The following URL contains a detailed information related to silent installation of Teradata tools and utilities:


Re: Silent installation TTU 14.10

can someone please share me the contents of silent_install.bat here.

I have got a download and it seems the content in that batch file is not valid.

Also the usage mentioned does not work for me "silent_install.bat "<list of features>""

Your help wil be much apprciated.