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TDwallet installation

I'm new to using Teradata and would like to use tdwallet in some of the scripts I am creating.  The person who installed our client software (RedHat Linux) did not install tdwallet.  I've read through the installation guide which indicates tdwallet must either be installed before CLI2 or be installed in the /opt/teradata/.... directory path.  Can I simply install tdwallet after the fact by running start.bat and following the prompts?  Will I be causing any problems with the previously installed software?



Re: TDwallet installation

I verified installing it in the default directory worked just fine even when installing it after CLI2 is installed.  One item to note is, our systems administrators requested we install the teradata client software in /app/teradata with a link from /opt/teradata to /app/teradata.  When upgrading ttu, when it uninstalls the previous software, it removes the /opt/teradata link so it may appear the tdwallet data is not preserved.  Performing the uninstall first, then re-creating the /opt/teradata link fixed this issue.