TMM - Client Admin Role Description

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TMM - Client Admin Role Description


My client wish to create a role within their organisation to Administer the TMM tool within their environment.  They have drafted the following description, but want to know if the skill sets listed are appropriate.  Please can you comment on this?

Role name:

“TMM Administrator”: administrator of mapping (and glossary) tools (“TMM” and “Glossary”)

Role description :

  • Perform automated uploads / changes to the BDM in the Glossary tool (via scripts), incl. quality checks
  • Perform and distribute delta reports on the Glossary (comparison with previous version through script)
  • Maintain the respective scripts to upload to Glossary
  • Perform exports from BDM Glossary for different clients (eg target from source mappers). This eg involves merging the BDM with the functional data requirements file, appropriate filtering and implementation flag setting.
  • Maintain the BDM to PDM mapping in Teradata Mapping Manager tool (TMM), and perform respective migrations at each new version of the model
  • Migrate the source map sets per source system upon each new version of the model, and proactively work with the source mappers team on any issues encountered and on outsorting / error logs while doing so
  • Support users of the tools from a technical perspective. This includes for example access rights.
  • Work with the tool vendors ic defects or required upgrades (resp. Simplity and Teradata)
  • Ensure the right hardware and infrastructure

Key Skills required:

  • Solid understanding of the BDM and PDM artefact structures, and of the principles of target from source mapping
  • Deep SQL skills (to maintain the scripts)
  • General technical understanding