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TMM - Grid Columns Displayed


Have a 2 part question regarding the grid columns within Teradata Mapping Manager

1. Is it possible to configure a default of list of grid columns to always be displayed?  For instance, in a working data set, I can use the "Change Grid Columns Displayed" interface to modify the columns, but after a DR import-relate, you have to reconfigure the grid columns of the new Working Data Set to match the existing Dataset it was related to.

2. Is it possible to reference the standard other grid column properties (Modify User, Modify Timestamp, etc) in the Source Element List template?  I tried to add the columns Modify User and Modify Timestamp in the import template, but they are imported in as custom columns [i.e (DE) Modify User (custom)] in the grid.

Thank you for the help


Re: TMM - Grid Columns Displayed

1. It is not possible to change the default column configuration for newly created windows.

2. It is not possible to import any standard properties that are not already in the import templates.