TPT Wizard driver error

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TPT Wizard driver error

When I try to use TPT wizard to connect to SQL Server using odbc DSN I am getting: There was an error initializing the driver for usage.

My configuration is the following:

Teradata RDBMS version

64bit Windows Server

TTU is patched to

I am using Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server.

Should I get this to work or is my only option to install the latest version of TTU 15 which bundles the DataDirect drivers? 

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Re: TPT Wizard driver error

hi i got the same error someone can help me with this thank you in advance 

driver error 

     there was an error initializing the driver for usage 

Teradata Employee

Re: TPT Wizard driver error

Does this error occur when using the Wizard to set up a job?

Or does this error occur when you are actually running the TPT job.

-- SteveF
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Re: TPT Wizard driver error

I too and trying to use the Teradata Paralell Transport Wizard to load data from a SQL Server data base to a Teradata database.

I get the same error:  There was an error initializing the driver for usage --> when trying to create an ODBC connection int the TPT Wizard.

ODBC Driver For Teradata - Suite 15.10.04

Teradata Tools and Utilities:  15.0.0

Teradata Database Version:  15

SQL Server Version:  SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2008 R2

SQL Server ODBC Versions tested:  SQL Server 6.03.9600.17415  and SQL Server Native Client 11.0    2011.110.3407.00


Tim R.


Re: TPT Wizard driver error

I'm having the same issue on 2 different machines. One with Ver 15.00 and other with 15.10.

I've updated the client software with latest version on one of the machines as below.

Database Version 14.10

TTU 15.10.07


Products Updated in this roll-up:         Teradata GSS         Teradata Wallet         Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata         Teradata CLIv2         Teradata BTEQ         Teradata SQL Assistant         Teradata C PP2         Teradata FastExport         Teradata FastLoad         Teradata MultiLoad         Teradata TPump         Teradata OLE DB Access Module         Teradata Parallel Transporter Base         Teradata Parallel Transporter Stream Operator

SQL Server version : 2008 R2

On other note, we've older version(14.0) installed on one of the server, which was working ok but lately we have issues as it can connect to SQL Server using ODBC DSN and displays list of databases in left pane but It will not allow to select specific table. if we click on + it will not expand table list.

Another observation: If you click on Help -->About in TPT window it will not display any information. only pop window with 'OK button will pop up.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Re: TPT Wizard driver error

I see several folks with the driver error.  Did anyone ever get an answer?


Re: TPT Wizard driver error

I am getting a similar error message.


I launch the TPT wizard, and select "Oracle Table" as "Source Type", then Oracle Logon window pops up. I input TNS Service Name, User ID, and Password, then click on "OK." This is the error message I am getting.

 "There was an error initializing the driver usage.

The class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver was not found.

The environment variable ORACLE_HOME might not be set up properly.


This is how ORACLE_HOME is set up on my machine.



How can I get the issue fixed?


Any help is much appreciated.





Re: TPT Wizard driver error

While setting up a job, definig the ODBC DSN in specific.

Teradata Employee

Re: TPT Wizard driver error

Since I have not seen a post about the Wizard in a while, I have not commented officially online.

However, a decision has been made and TPT 16.20 will be the last release where we will provide the Wizard.

I have been informing people unofficially in Wizard posts for a little over a year that one day we will be discontinuing it.

Thus, just letting you know not to fall too much in love with this tool.

You should get in the habit of writing scripts, and learn the shortened version of TPT scripts and using templates.



-- SteveF