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Tpump utilty

Hi All,

Can tpump load data on a real time basis? as per the document provided by teradata we can use tpump for real time dataware housing .

in tpump we read from a file which is in a predefined format. so does that mean that while tpump is reading from a file we can have some other process which writes to the same file??

I have read in some other forum that we can use inmod routines to feed data continuously.. can someone share more light on it??

Let me know if i am not clear.


Re: Tpump utilty

This is how i infered Tpump can be used for real time data warehousing. I may be wrong though.

Lot of companies in today's world want to get data from transactional systems into data warehouse in real time or near real time basis (Like instead of loading daily once, doing hourly loads into warehouse). Tpump is a good candidate for this task. In our company we use Tpump in this manner.

I went through Tpump documentation to find about INMOD rountine. There is whole chapter on this (chpater 5: Using INMOD and Notify Exit Routines). May be you should go through too. Below is key explanation on INMOD.

An INMOD is a user-written routine used by TPump to supply or preprocess input records before they are sent to the Teradata Database. You can use an INMOD routine to supply input records or to perform preprocessing tasks on the input records before passing them to TPump. Such tasks, for example, could:

• Generate records to be passed to TPump.
• Validate data records before passing them to TPump.
• Read data directly from one or more database systems like IMS, Total.
• Convert fields in a data record before passing it to TPump.

Re: Tpump utilty

Thanks for the reply Ravi.

That's a good example to use INMOD. i would surely go thru the document for INMOD.

Just one more help. can you please provide an example also??

Thanks a ton..