BTEQ Batch Mode Logon


BTEQ Batch Mode Logon

Hello All,

I tried loggin in BTEQ through the Batch mode:

Below is how i tried Logging

.LOGON,jugal <ENTER>

I am getting a Error as invalid logon.

Could you plz tell me. Where i am going wrong.

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Re: BTEQ Batch Mode Logon

Have you created the user jugal. if done try removing the password and enter it when prompted.

Re: BTEQ Batch Mode Logon

Hi Krishna,

I have created the user Jugal. When i follow as what u suggest. THen i logon to interactive mode rite. I want to access the Teradata Mode.

Teradata Employee

Re: BTEQ Batch Mode Logon

In BTEQ, "batch mode" means reading the LOGON command from a script file, and not from the keyboard.

That has nothing to do with "Teradata mode" transaction semantics.