Fastload and Multiload


Fastload and Multiload

As we know Fastload doesnt allow duplicate rows in even Multiset table.
So suppose i have a chechpoint of 10k and job failed at 9k those records upon restart will be send again and by virtue of this property ignored..or i can use RECORD keyword to skip those records

Now my mload is having similar scenario and it failed in acquisition after 9k records.....what wud be the scenario after restart ......are all 9k records will be send there anyway to stop this...

what does this statement really does....and when shud we use it.....
I have read it simply releases locks from table header and table while in application phase...

Does it rollback also...?
Quick response will be appreciated..


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Since it fails in acquistion phase, you dont need to worry. Also double check in target table that nothing is loaded.Just a check.
Since it fails it acquisition phase you need to Dropping the restart log table, the work table, and the
acquisition error table,release mload. You dont need to worry about your 9k or 10 k if it is in acquistion phase.

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Re: Fastload and Multiload

hi raj,
thanx for reply,as we know mload is restartable from all 5 phases the solution given by you is a rerun not a restart.could u plz tell how we can restart in this scenario or is it not possible at all.

Re: Fastload and Multiload

In Acquisation phase - suppose your checkpoint is 1k and your load fails at 9200 records.

Those 200 records - it'll not insert at all.

You can again restart the Mload by not deleting the Log/Error tables - releasing MLOAD.

It'll start to load from 9001 record perfectly.

In application phase - you need to use RELEASE MLOAD IN APPLY - to specify that it's in Application Phase and drop Error tables, Work table, Log table and then resubmit the script.