Multiload Error


Multiload Error


I am trying to get Mulitload to read from a UNIX fifo which I will write to from an external script. I have specified the record format to be VARTEXT. However I get this error from Multiload during the acquisition phase:

**** 14:44:01 UTY4014 Access module error '34' received during 'set position' operation:
'pmUnxDskSetPos: fseek error (System error message detected: 29)'

Obviously one cant seek on a fifo, but is this expected behaviour? Is there any other way to get Mload to read from a fifo without this error?


Re: Multiload Error

This kind of error normally pops up when the job had errored out once (due to other various reasons) and gets resubmitted.

load utils making use of FIFO always require a full cleanup and start from scratch approach (ie get rid of those log/error/work tables etc).

Re: Multiload Error

That worked fine after I dropped some error tables ... makes sense now I think about it !

Re: Multiload Error

Hi All,

               I am Encountering Below error message while running MLOAD. even after dropping the log tables, UV, WT, ET tables and Releasing the MLOAD lock on the table, it is repeatedly failing with the below error. can somebody please help at the earliest.

It is loading one file but from the second file it is throwing the below error.

 Access module error '43' received during 'set position'

     operation: 'Restart data signature does not match'

Teradata Employee

Re: Multiload Error

Which Teradata Data Connector version are you using? Please use the latest version of Teradata Dataconnector and re-run the job.



Re: Multiload Error

Use new table to load the both file and from there copy to main target table :)