Suppressing column names in Reports


Suppressing column names in Reports

I regularly use DATA format to produce ouput files from BTEQ running in TSO on an IBM mainframe.

I'm trying to do something similar using BTEQ running on Windows.

I'm finding that the only output type that appears to work well is the REPORT format.
DATA seems to introduce odd characters, wrap lines, etc.

REPORT format is almost fine for me, but I really do NOT want the column headings.
I've read the manual, found that I can turn off the dashes under the column heading, but cannot find a way of getting rid of the column heading itself. Is it possible?

If not, can anybody point me to some advice on how to make the DATA output type work better in Windows?



Re: Suppressing column names in Reports

You have to do it for every column by giving each column a title of:

(Title '')

If you want to output data instead, then bteq will output a two byte length for every varchar field output. (Dont forget a literal is always treated as a varchar unless you explicitly say it is Char with a length.)
Also, there are two bytes on the front giving the overall length of the record, if there are any varchar fields.

Re: Suppressing column names in Reports

Jimm - thanks, (TITLE '') did the trick.
Thanks for the other tips as well. Appreciated.