TPUMP for Active Ware housing


TPUMP for Active Ware housing

Hi Experts,

As i have mostly worked on MLOAD/FLOADs, I have a bit confusion in usage of TPUMP in case of Real time/Active warehousing Processing and want to clear it.

As we will find that it is mentioned in most of the forums/documentation  that tpump is used for Real time updates and unlike MLOAD/FLOAD where

there BATCH loading happens..

But still in teradata documentation in sample scripts we will find the File

name in every script from where loading would be done.. 

I belive in case of Active warehousing , it happens through JMS/MQ's feed but i am not able to find any sample script for this.

Can any one share the sample structure of the script for Real time feed and also suggest its usage for BATCH   vs REAL time feed?

Cheers !



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Since Version 14 TPUMP has access modules for JMS ( and MQ's.

Previous to that (v14) I only know about using TPT to read from queues...




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Thanks Carlos for your reply..

so just got a doubt in mind that previous to TPT , in which load Utility in TD, active ware housing/Real time feed was supported?

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Hi Experts,

Any comments/suggestions on the above pls..




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Hi Nishant,

as TPT uses the same protocols as the standalone load tools both support Access Modules the same.

I can't remember exactly in which release those AMs have been introduced , but for MQ series it's at least V2R6.1 (probably much longer) and JMS at least TD12 :-)