Tpump - RATE Statement


Tpump - RATE Statement

Hi All,

We are aware that Tpump gives control over the rate per minute at which statements are sent to the RDBMS. This can be done either dynamically or with a predefined statement in the script.

Can any of you let me know this can be done dynamically ??

Can you give me a sample script of how it has to be defined in the script ? And how exactly this works ?



Re: Tpump - RATE Statement

Hi Rock,

Once you defined logtable,and logon etc, we desribe the parameters :
Sessions 10 2
pack 10
robust on/off
serialize on/off
checkpoint say 30
rate 2
errortable Rock_err;
.layout l1;
.field f1 * char(20);
.field f2 * char(20);
.field f3 * char(20);

.dml label dml1;
insert rocktab(f1,f2,f3) values(:f1,:f2,:f3);
.import infile sample.txt layout l1 format text apply dml dml1;

etc etc

Thanks and regards,

Re: Tpump - RATE Statement

hi ,

Thanks a lot for the script, any idea how can we change the rate dynamically ??

Also, how does it actually control the number of insert/update statements in td ? does it restrict the number of packets of sql statements sent by the parsing engine to the amps.. ?