fastexport issue - getting junks


fastexport issue - getting junks


I have been trying to export xml data using fast export. My script is working fine. But i could see some junk character at the beginning of each line in my output file. When i try to export with bteq instead of fastexport i am geting the below warning message.

*** Warning 209285138 Request executed in interpretive EVL mode.

Pls could someone help me to fix this.

Re: fastexport issue - getting junks

If you are getting 2 characters worth of "junk" it typically means the record is a VARCHAR. The "junk" characters are the length of the field. Try casting the entire output to a CHAR and see if they disappear.

BTW, doing a TRIM or SUBST or concatenation will cause you to return a VARCHAR.


Re: fastexport issue - getting junks


Thanks for your reply! Thats a good solution but our requirement is to keep the field type as varchar. Anyways we have fixed the output file junks by using dynamic sort in mainframe.