Help me


Help me

Hi every one, 

i am new to teradata give me some  basic instructions and guuidence of best online Training for teradata developer 


Re: Help me

I also want to train my self in teradata, any one please guide me trhough step by step process, how I can climb up the ladder. Many thanks in advance, you can PM me if you want to.

Re: Help me


I am a Db user (FileMaker Pro Advance) and need some help to determine which Teradata App will be suitable

for the following case.  I have an average of 20 Fields on my tables and the Records numbers about 80 million.

I find my FileMaker takes about 8 to 12 hours to runs this data.  I intend to swith to TERADATA.  Would very much

appreciate if any of TERADATA experts to advice which TERADATA app will be suitable for me : Teradata Express,

Teradata Aster Express, Loom ? or maybe any other TERADATA apps?

Thank you for your help.