Teradata 12 Certification


Teradata 12 Certification

Hi all,

Hope every thing is going fine there.

I just saw that Teradata 12 certification path is now live and the exams rolled out yesterday. For more info on this one, you can visit: http://www.teradata.com/t/TCPP/Teradata-12-Certifications-Prepare-for-Launch/

Also, visit: http://www.teradata.com/t/TCPP/Teradata-Certified-Professional-Program-Teradata-12-Certification-Tra...

I am sure this test track is going to be fun and a certification would definitely help us get recognized and remove the FoB tag from my profile. I would be starting my tour from now on. If there is any body in the queue, please get together in this thread and share some information.

PS: If you are an expert already in this subject, please provide some valuable feedback here.

Thank you


Re: Teradata 12 Certification

Hi Sreekanth,

I recently joined this forum. I am also planning to take Teradata 12 certification. Are you already done with first level? Please let me know, if you have any information on this certification. At the moment I don't have much info for teradata 12.

Thanks in Advance.


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I am not yet done with the certification. I will keep u updated about the happenings.


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Hi guys, i am in the queue for Teradata 12 certifications too. I haven't given any as of now but would surely aim for the first level asap. Will let you guys know if i know any material. Thanks for intiating this thread srikanth. Lets share and grow :). I have some material for the old Teradata certification which i got from one of this forum members. Let me know if any of you guys are interested.

Re: Teradata 12 Certification

I wish to take Teradata 12 Certification. an someone please help me with the study material available for the Basics and SQL Module?

Re: Teradata 12 Certification

Hi Dev

Please help in TD12 Certification

If you have any material please send me.

Thanks and Regards


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Hi guys,
Has anyone taken exam for Teradata 12 Basics? Is the material covered same for both v2r5 and T12? I had taken web based course for "Intro to Teradata databases" i.e, V2R5. Since this exam is going to expire soon, and you cannot use the creadit to transfer to different track, I want to make sure if I am good to take T12 exam.

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Hi Guys,

I'm taking Teradata exam, please help me with the Teradata material or dummies for 11.

Thanks alot in advace to all the serionrs.

Kindly send me @aksuravarapu@hotmail.com


Re: Teradata 12 Certification

hi friends...

Has any one started the Teradata 12 certification track?

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Hi friends,

I am planning to take Teradata 12 certification exams. If anyone already done with basics or SQL, please send me your material and I promise I will help others the same way. I thank Srikanth for starting such a nice forum here.