cloudera hadoop admin training


cloudera hadoop admin training

Hadoop Administrator Workshop

Introduction toApache Hadoop 

The Hadoop Distributed File System 


Planning a Hadoop Cluster

Named Nodes, Data Nodes

Hadoop node failure recovery 

Hadoop Installation & Configuration

Advanced Configuration

Rack Awareness

High Availability & Federation

Hadoop Security

Adding and Removing Cluster nodes

Rebalancing the cluster

Cluster Upgrades

System Monitoring  &Troubleshooting

Installing & Managing Hive, Pig, HBase.

You can attend 1st 2 classes or 3 hours for free. once you like the classes then you can go for registration.

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Hadoop Administration Trends

  1. Centralized security administration for Hadoop Clusters.
  2. Hadoop data is used for faster, more repeatable KPI dashboards.

There are no specific prerequisites for learning Hadoop Administration. However, certain job roles might make an advantage out of this training, like:

  • Cloud Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • IT Professionals
  • Any graduate with special interest on the course.