Are Teradata AppCenter and Teradata Aster AppCenter the same product?

Teradata Employee

Are Teradata AppCenter and Teradata Aster AppCenter the same product?

Teradata AppCenter and Aster AppCenter are not the same product. Each AppCenter provides different offerings and capabilities to end users as well as business users.


Below is a quick summary of the differences between Teradata Aster AppCenter and Teradata AppCenter:


Teradata Aster AppCenter is a new product that allows data scientists and business analysts to quickly turn discovered data insights into easily consumable apps for business users.  Business users are able to access, run, and interact with big data in a self-service manner. 

Teradata Professional Services (PS) delivers these big data apps to meet customer’s specific requirements.  When possible, Teradata PS will leverage pre-built templates to accelerate implementation of targeted apps for a variety of industries including consumer financial, retail, communication, cable, healthcare, entertainment, gaming, travel and hospitality.


Teradata AppCenter is a self-service execution platform for creating and running custom SQL, BTEQ, or Java applications (apps). These apps query data from Teradata, Aster, or Presto systems and return a result set that can include visualizations. AppCenter includes privacy settings for both apps and run results. You can run apps on demand or set up a schedule to run them automatically.