Decoding and Filtering Months


Decoding and Filtering Months


A relatively new user of teradata. I need to filter out some specific months from a table.

But the Month-IDs are such 1310 or 1286 such four digit numbers. How to extract exact month and year info from these?

( I learnt that teradat saves date in (year-1900)*10000+ Month*100. But that will be 7 digits, here in my case it is only 4 digit).

Thank you

(P.S: I have posted this in analytical forum. Then later discovered this forum is morte active. I am not spamming. Sorry for the double post. Will take care in the future)

Re: Decoding and Filtering Months

Can you give the column datatype which is storing the month-id's? Is there a separate column which is storing the corresponding data also? Can u please share?