Microstrategy on Teradata


Microstrategy on Teradata

When Microstrategy runs a report schedule on Teradata, does it hit the database anywhere else apart from the specific data warehouse tables being queried? In other words are any syatem tables maintained for the duration of the report schedule?

We are trying to run Microstrategy report schedules as triggered events. I have the mechanics working but need a facility within which I can poll when one schedule is running & when it is not running before kicking off the next schedule in a parameters list. We have to do this in a sequence and cannot execute all report schedules at the same time due to dependancy and business priority.

If any other business is doing something like this can they please let us know how you do it or any alternative solutions you may have found. We had thought of querying the Meta Data or counting a number of files in the Microstrategy application directories but this has proved to add complexity and reduce reliablility.

Our platform consists of:
Linux redhat Data Warehouse Load Control program(this is where i kick off my report schedules
Teradata Data Warehouse.
Microstrategy Meta Data is on MS SQLServer Express.

Re: Microstrategy on Teradata

I seemed to be able to do this as follows: I would love to be able to filter out the idle processes but cannot find a table holding it yet you can see the AMP and PE status "IDLE" in Pmon. Any ideas?

SELECT count(*) INTO v_countRpts
FROM dbc.SessionInfo
WHERE SUBSTR(LogonSource,1,8)='(TCP/IP)'
AND LogonSource LIKE '%10.2.xxx.xx%'
AND sessionno <> (SELECT session);