Source Control for warehouse programs


Source Control for warehouse programs


We are designing a process that will generate each object in our warehouse as a text file.
We then plan to add these objects to Visual Source Safe.

What objects scripting methods and source control solutions are favoured by organisations you may have experienced? Is there a favoured appraoch or source control tool?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Source Control for warehouse programs

If this is on UNIX...

I've been around a couple version controlled shops and the best shop that I was in, for version control, used RCS. This was a shop that basically one developer worked on a piece of code @ a time, no branching necessary, but I believe that RCS can do this fairly easy if need be. It's simple & text based just to name the obivous features/benefits.

Simple in the commands are fairly intuitive from the command line on UNIX, and simple in the operation aspect.

Text based is a nice benefit, if for some reason the version should become corrupt it can be revived from the version control file.

my .02$ though..